How to Prep for a Viennese Ball

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Ever dreamed about dancing the waltz at a Viennese ball? Unless you were raised in a traditional Austrian household, attending a Viennese society event can be a little intimidating. Despite the formalities, these beautiful parties are accessible to all, even those who don’t know how to dance the Quadrille. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for a Viennese Ball.

The Fête Impériale, also known as the Sommerball, is one of the last balls of the season in Vienna. A magnificent event at the world-renown Spanish Riding School, it is the epitome of elegance, liveliness and colour.

I decided to attend this stunning ball as it took place on the eve of my birthday – what better way to celebrate another year on this planet than drinking champagne and watching 2,500 attendees swirl across the dance floor in perfect synchrony. Nonetheless, there is a little more to it than just “showing up” which became apparent as I started to pack for my trip to Vienna.


Preparing to go to a Viennese ball is no small t

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