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I do some of my best thinking at the spa. Serene and void of digital distractions, spas are the ideal setting for grounding myself and regaining my (fleeting) peace of mind. The Club on the Park Spa in Tokyo brought my sense of mental liberation to a whole new level.

I arrived at reception on the 45th floor and was immediately greeted by two attentive women who seemed eager to make my experience a perfect one. What struck me at first was the vastness of the facilities and the comfortable silence that filled the space. The long corridor that leads to the sitting area is gently carpeted and designed with the same architectural cohesiveness as the rest of the hotel. Like everything in the Park Hyatt Tokyo, energy moves fluidly, a feature of John Morford’s intuitive design.

The corridor in the change room leads to the post-treatment sitting space. Here, guests can take in stunning views of the city while rehydrating with a selection of exotic teas and lemongrass elixirs. Complete with chess boards, architecture books and design magazines – guests are subtly queued to slow their pace, embrace the silence and enjoy a quiet moment of serenity.

On the 45th floor, men and women have separate change rooms and spa facilities. This is something I just love about Japanese spa culture because nothing, in my opinion, disrupts the serene vibes of the spa like the sound of couples bickering about their dinner plans.

I almost have to believe that the sustained silence has as much to do with the patrons as it does the spa itself. In the short time I spent there, it seemed as though the guests honour the sanctity of the space by moving quietly and sitting silently. This is another element that lends to its sanctuary-like atmosphere.

The water facilities at the Club on the Park spa are exceptional. When I rode the private spa elevator up to the 47th floor, I was astounded by the dramatic panoramic view of Tokyo visible from the fitness studio, gym or 20-meter swimming pool.

Back on the 45th floor, there are dry saunas, cold plunge pools, whirlpools and 360-degree body showers. If you’ve never been to a Japanese spa before, just be advised that swimsuits are not permitted in whirlpools, and neither are tattoos – protocol that is not waived just because it’s an American-owned hotel.

As for the pinnacle of my visit, the treatment was perfect. My practitioner was delicate, attentive and delivered the 60-minute Tokyo Massage to perfection. The hour melted away making me feel even more suspended in space and time. This feeling is especially real when you’ve just dropped in from the other side of the planet.

Like the rest of the Park Hyatt Tokyo, the Club on the Park spa was like a sanctuary in the sky. Hours of silence and relaxation we the perfect preamble, and a required prerequisite, for a wild night out in the electric streets of Shinjuku.

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