Romance and Luxe in Santorini: Hotel Vedema vs Mystique

Santorini could very well be one of the most romantic destinations I’ve ever visited. Ever.

It’s quiet streets and classic Cycladic architecture create the perfect setting for intimate moments. Couples can visit family-owned vineyards, dine on quaint terraces or just bask in the soft breezes of the Aegean sea. 


But to really experience the spirit of relaxed Greek island life, you must be unscrupulous in your hotel selection. Santorini is full of some really incredible, and completely terrible hotels. Where you stay will literally make or break your trip. And who wants to take that risk on their honeymoon or romantic getaway? Below are two of the most highly rated resorts on the island and why you should consider them. 

The same chain of hotels that brought you the Westin, St. Regis, and the Sheraton offers a brand called the “Luxury Collection”. If you are a frequent traveller, or an SPG loyalist, you have probably heard of it.

So if you are planning to visit Santorini, it is time to splurge and try one of the Luxury Collection’s two properties on the island

The Vedema


This place speaks to my heart – Champagne is served at breakfast. Because what better way to start your already perfect day?

The Vedema Resort sits tucked away in the winding roads of Megalohori, a small village far from the crowded streets of Fira. Despite its distance from the city, its quite easily accessible. The Vedema offers a complementary shuttle to nearby beaches and the airport, which is handy for getting around.

First Impressions

I arrived and was immediately charmed by its white-painted walls and brilliant blue doors, typical of architecture in the Greek islands. By day, the resort has the relaxed feel of a sleepy rural village baking in the Aegean sun, and by night the charm and warmth of the nearby village and the flicker of candlelight will provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner.

The accommodations are spectacular – a mere handful of villas, some with private pools and terraces. Inside the villas, the amenities are traditional but elegant. Overall, the Vedema offer me a peak into the unmarked simplicity and relaxed pace of life in the Greek islands.







The Mystique



Like the name, a this resort is one step shy of a fantasy. It is a paradisiacal space suspended in limbo somewhere between the blue Azure sea and the endless Grecian sky. It sits atop of cliff so every view was a jaw-dropping landscape of the dramatic Santorini coast.

The design is a dream-like melding of stark, rocky nature with the softness of Greek culture. It is an absolute superb, lavish property with 38 suites and villas built on the edge of Oia’s famous cliffs.


I woke up to the sunrise from my suite with incredible views of the water. And by night, a view of the twinkling lights of the coast. Most suites have a large private panoramic terrace, and all the amenities a girl could dream of. It offers the quaintness of a rural farmhouse with the sleek elegance of a world class resort.



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It will be hard, but take your pick. Either way you won’t be disappointed. And your trip to Santorini may go down in the history books as your most romantic trip ever.



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